COVID19 Security Protocol

Safety and Security Protocol

What We Are Doing For You;
1. We will all be wearing masks and be taking our temperature daily to ensure the health and safety of everyone.
2. The staff will be wearing masks during services and at times face shields when coming into close contact with clients.
3. We are scheduling clients in staggered time slots to limit the amount of people in the Salon and Spa at one time.
4. We have purchased and installed several industrial UV light air purifiers to kill any airborne viruses.
5. In addition to continuously running air purifiers, we will be cleaning the salon and spa nightly with heavy duty sanitizer and a disinfectant fog spray.

What We Ask You To Do For US;
1. Upon arrival to the Renew Salon and Spa’s parking area, we ask that you call the front desk and let us know you have arrived.
Once everything has been sanitized and changed, we will call and let you know to come in.
2. We ask clients to be a couple of minutes early for their appointments.
3. When you enter the salon, you will walk up to the front desk. There will be plexiglass dividers for everyone’s safety.
We will have hand sanitizer on both sides of the front desk for you to use before going back to the stations.
4. Masks are required to be worn upon entrance to the salon and throughout the services provided. We will also digitally take your temperature.
5. Once the initial check-in is conducted, we can begin to provide your services. Between all salon stations, manicure stations and pedicure chairs there will be plexiglass and hand sanitizer as required by state law.
6. We will be spacing our bookings with a 10-minute buffer in between all clients. This allows our team to wipe down all the surfaces, chairs, shampoo bowls, pedicure chairs and manicure tables.
7. After every client we will be using a fresh capes and disposable chair covers.
8. While processing in the salon, each client will remain 6 feet apart.
9. When you are done receiving your service, your operator will walk you to the front desk to book your next appointments and check you out.
10.While our top priority at Renew Salon and Spa is client and staff safety, we still hope to provide our guest with the experience and service they know and love. We have worked hard to insure we are following state guidelines and appreciate our clients understanding during these times. We have miss you all greatly and cannot wait to see you. We hope to see everyone is safe and healthy!
With love, RENEW SALON AND SPA family