Crystal Wood

Registered Nurse, Injection Specialist & Esthetician

I have been a licensed Cosmologist for 20 years and have always loved the beauty industry.  I also attended Nursing School  and have been practicing for 12 years, and I still practice in the Hospital operating room part-time.

I am a certified Nurse Injection Specialist. My services include (but are not limited to):

  • Botox
  • AnteAge Microneedling for skin tone and texture
  • AnteAge Hair Microneedling to restore hair growth
  • Clinical Chemical Peels by VI Peel
  • Lip Fillers

The technical and creative aspects of botox and lip fillers make them my favorite services to perform. Each client is a canvas that I can apply my knowledge and expertise to create a beautiful outcome.

Additional services that I enjoy are microneedling and AnteAge Stemcell therapy. I have personally been amazed by the results and nothing feels better than a patient coming back with positive reviews.

My patient concerns are so important to me and I love spending time with them to identify those concerns.

I absolutely love my job and enjoy helping people feel youthful and renewed in their own skin.