Leanne DeVries


leanne esthetician waxing facials renew salon saline ann arborMy name is Leanne DeVries and I graduated from Douglas J Aveda in February of 2017. Since middle school, I’ve had a passion for makeup. Throughout high school I remember always doing my friend’s makeup for homecoming, prom, and Saturday night parties. My specialty is a dark, smokey eye. I like going for the “wow factor” when I do a guest’s makeup.

Throughout end of high school, I started to worry because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. In the back of my mind I always knew I had a passion for makeup and the beauty industry, I just never thought I could make a career out of it. But here I am two years later, a licensed esthetician, loving what I do!

One of my favorite services to perform is a simple facial. I enjoy knowing that I am helping a guest relax and de-stress, but also help them on their skincare journey. Throughout my life I have struggled with acne. I enjoy educating guest’s on what products will be best for them so they can have the confidence in their skin that I didn’t have. Confidence starts with healthy, glowing skin and I am ready to help anyone on that journey.

I look forward to meeting and assisting you on your skincare journey soon!