Renew Salon & Spa is expanding!

We are so excited to announce that we are currently working on expanding the salon into the suite next door! We have grown a lot as a salon, and are so busy that we are often running out of space for our clients. The last thing we want is for our clients to feel uncomfortable, so we will be adding to our spa.

We plan to start construction in the next week or so, and the construction should take about 4 weeks. With the new addition we will have two new stations, a new esthetician room, as well as a Massage room where we will be able to offer couple’s massages, a make up room, and most importantly another water heater! Adding this space will allow us to create a more spa-like feel to our salon, where it will be quieter and more relaxing by being distanced from the loud hairstylists. Our current esthetician room will become the Nail room where we will have a double-pedi chair, and possibly a TV that Pam is petitioning for on game days. We will be demolishing the current Pedi room and making a larger, more effective waiting area. I can’t wait to add pictures once the expansion is finished! Stay tuned…

Below is a draft of the new salon layout:


Renew Salon Spa facials massage waxing nails




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